Create a stunning coral reef in your own living room!

There’s nothing quite like it…

Get ready to dive deep into the fascinating world of reef aquariums!

Introducing our informative, newly minted “My First Reef Aquarium” video series, that draws from our vast treasure trove of 30 years’ experience in successful reef keeping. Brimming with expert tips and insights, these easy-to-understand and concise videos will arm you with foundational knowledge, steer you away from common mistakes, and illuminate your path to creating successful reef systems!

So, would you like to immerse yourself in a silent world of tropical shapes and colors? then let’s take the plunge together!

Episode 1

What Exactly is a Reef System?

In this episode we discuss the logic behind running a saltwater aquarium, based on Red Sea’s 30 years of experience in creating artificial coral reefs.

In short, marine animals that are placed in an aquarium lose access to the vast resources of the ocean, so the challenge is to turn the aquarium into a stable ecosystem that constantly supplies them with everything they need to thrive.

Episode 2

The Essential Gear

In this episode we detail the essential equipment needed for setting up a reef tank, how each piece of equipment functions in a reef system, and the key factors that you should consider when purchasing each piece of equipment.

Episode 3

Setting Up the Tank

In this episode we set up our reef system: we assemble the cabinet, level the glass, install the various devices, learn how to build a reefscape, fill the aquarium with our saltwater mix a prepare everything for the Nitrogen cycle.

Episode 4

The Cycling Process

In this episode we discuss the Nitrogen cycle, a natural biological process called that is critical to the success of our future reef.

The Nitrogen cycle takes place in both saltwater and freshwater environments, and usually takes about 8 weeks. During this period we mostly monitor our tank, and supplement with nitrogen and phosphate compounds and elements that enhance the growth of the denitrifying bacteria.

Episode 5

It’s Fish & Corals Time!

Now that the tank cycling stage is complete, it’s time to add more fish and corals! In this episode, we discuss the advantages of brick & mortar pet stores, do the preliminary research, and review the key criteria to consider before purchasing your future fish and corals. 

Episode 6

The Reefer’s Routine

In this episode, our series finale, we talk about the essential reefkeeping routines that lead to a thriving reef: feeding your livestock, tank maintenance, water changes, Nitrate and Phosphate control, supplementation and more.

So, are you ready to dive in?

Then check out the plug & play, all-in-one MAX NANO Peninsula, the safe and easy way to start your reefkeeping adventure!


So, are you ready to dive in?

Then check out the plug & play, all-in-one MAX NANO Peninsula, the safe and easy way to start your reefkeeping adventure!